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Watch some of our very talented Little Acorns singing and dancing to 'Don't Stop Me Now' during the Covid-19 lockdown. Don't Stop Me Now is one of our favourite 'tidying up' tunes, and it's great to see the children enjoying a sing and a dance at home! Many thanks to Tom and Caroline Barton for putting this together for us!

2021 has been a huge year for Little Acorns! We have started to get back to something a bit more 'normal' after a fairly disrupted couple of years, and it has been great having all of our children and staff back in the setting.


We are delighted to announce that, with regards to our food, we have moved up a level with the Early Years Nutrition Partnership. We are now Advanced in Early Years Nutrition. As well as having nutritious daily menus (prepared from scratch by Leanne), our nutritionist has confirmed that we work across the setting to encourage healthy eating and lifestyle in our activities and the way in which we teach the children. This has been hard work, but well worth it, and so important for the little ones in our setting. Well done to Leanne and Louise for working towards this over the last 12 months.


Following our recent Ofsted inspection, we have been greater a good provider in Early Years by Ofsted. This is an amazing achievement given that this was our first inspection as a nursery, and we are so proud of all of our staff for making this happen. You can read our Ofsted report here.

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We were really pleased to see so many former, current and future Little Acorns and their families at our opening party on 30th December! Here are some pictures of the event. There are also a few pictures from the event in our picture gallery.

For archive images from our childminding service, please click here.

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