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Our Philosphy

We are an arts based nursery, where we have a strong focus on mindfulness and teaching children skills that will prepare them for school. We believe that every child is unique and will find their own way to explore and learn new things. We are here to support and scaffold your child in their development and offer opportunities to encourage them to engage with the world around them. 


At Little Acorns we promote community well-being, your child will become part of the Whitley Bay community, they will be out every day and grow a love of our town. We run various events that link up with our fabulous town and will connect your child to this wonderful community. 

We are fully aware that all children develop differently and at their own pace, using different learning styles. We will support and create personalised activities to ensure they flourish at Little Acorns. We strongly believe in positive encouragement and to reward progress, learning and simply trying new things! We will ensure all children in our care are confident and their self-esteem thrives!

Watch this video to hear our Directors, Emma and Louise discussing our philosophy.

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