Our Rooms

Our Acorn Room has been especially designed to provide plenty of space for our under 2 year olds as they begin to move around independently. Our Oak Room provides fantastic opportunities for our 2-4 year olds to engage in learning through creative play. After all of that tiring play, our children will have the opportunity to 'chill out' in our Zen Den.  
Acorn Room

We have chosen toys and resources aimed at under 2s in this room. There is a wide array of sensory toys, to stimulate and engage your child while at Little Acorns. We also have a strong focus on singing, music and rhyme in this room, as it helps contribute to speech development. We therefore have a large selection of musical instruments and an Echo Dot to constantly play music, as music helps to stimulate learning. 


There is also a nap area with cots, a crib and floor cushions for your child to rest during their busy day at Little Acorns.

Oak Room

This room has a focus on the arts and imagination! We have set up various role play areas so they children can practice their imaginative skills and link these to the real world. 


We have a large table area where we will do our crafts, arts and cookery. The children will be involved in cookery on a regular basis and will make their own bread to be served at Little Acorns.

Zen Den

This room is a multi-functional area, but will always be used for our quiet space. We have put resources in this room that will help transport children from their busy day to a world of calm and imagination! Therefore we have set up fancy dress, reading areas, building toys and small world resources to help your child switch their focus. 


We can also make this room our underwater, chill out area as we have black out curtains, sea projector and underwater music to help your child feel relaxed.

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